Effective Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
Duration: 2- Days Program
Do you want to be a great speaker ?

Public speaking is one of the most important abilities of the most highly successful, highest-paid people. The good thing is, speaking effectively, speaking persuasively, is a LEARNED skill. Which means, you can learn it. The more persuasive you are, the more wonderful your life can be. Your ability to communicate with others will account for fully 85% of your success in your business and in your life. There’s a proven system for eliminating the fear of public speaking. And I’m going to share it with you. This program helps to master the tactics and techniques that will absolutely impact the group that you are addressing.

Topics covering in the Program:
Importance of Effective Presentation
Confidence Building
Controlling Speaking Stress, Fear and Apprehensions
Presentation Preparation
Importance & Effective usage of Visual Aids
Power of Non-Verbal Communication
Importance of Voice Modulation
Audience Handling
Benefits of the Program:
Increase and Ability to create and deliver Powerful Presentations.
Completely remove your stage fear and become a dynamic speaker
Raise your confidence level
The Ability to communicate and articulate your thoughts and ideas
Effectively Persuade Others
Words can hurt, heal, create, build, transform
Ability to Lead
Have a Rare and Valued Skill
Have Fun
Improve Your Quality of Life
Career Advancement
Receive Recognition
Get the Credit that You Deserve
Entertain Your Audience
Captivate Your Audience
Learn to speak Concisely, Clearly and Confidently
Speaking out in important situations, as Parent, Citizen, Customer
Lectures, Audio Video Presentation, Games, Exercies, Role Plays

Target Groups:
: Senior and Middle level Managers, CEO, Directors, Managers, Employees, Trainers, Teachers, Students, Housewife, Entrepreneurs, Working professional